Vitamix E310 VS E320

Vitamix E310 Vs E320: Which is Best?

Vitamix E310 VS E320: In-depth Comparison

The Vitamix is an exceptional brand that comes with the sporting quality craftsmanship products. This brand comes with several kinds of household appliances, which are super durable regarding their functionality and versatility. Regarding their quality and design, this brand produces several high-quality blenders, which are convenient and gives the best performances ever. Today, here I am going to review and compare, two of Vitamix budget options blenders the Vitamix E310 & Vitamix E320. Both of these blending devices come with the budget-friendly price, and the best part of these blenders is they are the part of the Vitamix Explorian Series. Also, both of these E310 and E302 models are the latest release appliances from the Vitamix brand, and they are designed to offer the best performances. Regarding the budget option, both of these units probably comes with the least expensive options to get. The best part is these two blending units are identical in several sections, which are the design, motor power, control panel, and functionality.

The overall construction of these E310 & E320 classic models are convenient because they include the advanced smart system for better use. Additionally, both of these devices are excellent for using, including their intuitive control panel, which provides optimal versatility with variable speed and pulse controls.

The Differences & Similarities between Vitamix E310 VS  E320

The Vitamix E310 blender is the best budget option to get, including all desirable features to work conveniently. It features variable speed settings, which allows you to refine every texture, including the culinary precision, from the smoothest purees to prepare soups. Concerning the best functions, it is a highly versatile unit with the pulse feature. Also, that includes a 48-ounce container, and that is ideal for blending medium batches for small family meals and recipes that may inconvenient to do the operation with large-batches. On the other hand, the E320 includes a 64-oz large container, which is perfect for family size blending. Also, their blades are convenient and come from the same aircraft-grade steel that is standard, but the E320 includes the blade design with an extra inch diameter rather than the E310.

The E320 is an outstanding blender for using, and that is the highlight of this Vitamix model with its advanced features, which is the powerful motor and larger blades. That is a compact blending unit, which allows you to make healthy and delicious food recipes at home. With the quality of blend and level of versatility of this E320, it delivers the best quality results with its low-profile 64-ounce container. Also, that is a consistent blending unit to get overall the best performance. Though there are some differences in these two blending devices, both of these are excellent to get the best result.

In the section of some aspects of between these E310 & E320 units are quite similar to their overall performances.

The Differences Between Vitamix E310 & Vitamix E320

The Vitamix E310 & E320 are the Vitamix Explorian Series blending devices. Though both these blending units come from the same brand, there are some differences between these two units, which is noticeable regarding the variations. The significant distinctions between these two blending devices are the capacity of their containers. The Vitamix E310 features a low profile 48-oz container, on the contrary, the Vitamix E320 comes with a 64-oz jar, and that is ideal for family size blending and large-recipes. Another noticeable variation about these two units is their dimensions the E310 jar are modest and will fit nearly under all cabinets with its narrow design, which is suitable for blending the smaller and single-serve portions. Whereas the E320 blending jar is relatively huge, and that comfortably fits under the 18-inches cabinet. It also features a wide-base at the bottom, which also allows you to make a large-serving of at least 2-cups. The motor-power that is an essential feature of every blender and play a significant role in blending performances. However, the Vitamix E3010 features a 2.0 horsepower-motor, and that is sturdy enough to do the blending performances, whereas the Vitamix E320 comes with 2.2 horsepower motors. Regarding the 0.2 extra horsepower, the E320 is the more powerful unit with a 10% power increase than the E310. But when it comes to actual performance, both models are excellent and will deliver you quite similar results.

When it comes to the section of the blade between these two units, E320 consequently requires larger 4-inches sharp-blades due to its wider 64-oz container. Because of the additional 0.2 horsepower helps the E320 larger blades to do the blending operations with ease. On the contrary, the E310 comes with the 3-inches with its working ability. The control panel of these two blenders is identical, and they include ten variable speeds alongside pulse control. Though both of these blenders come from the same brand and their working ability is quite the same, there is a difference in the price section. Because the Vitamix E320 is a newer model, and that also includes a generous blending capacity, and that is why it is expensive than the E310.

Similarities of the Vitamix E310 & Vitamix E320

The Vitamix E310 and E320, both of these blenders are Explorian series blender. Regarding the same brand, there are several similar aspects between these blenders. The first one is both of these units are the Vitamix G-series blenders, and they are the entry-level units. Regarding their quality and design, both of these devices are incredible options for commercial use. The E310 and E320 these blenders are versatile and come with the variable speed & pulse feature, which deliver a decent performance. Both of these units are the next generation blending device and comes with an updated design, including their series comes with the wider design for better chopping capability and a better-cooled motor. Though there is an inch difference between these two blenders blade but they made from the same aircraft-grade steel to do the blending conveniently. By these devices, you can get the effortless blending, and allow you to comfortably prepare to make silky smoothies, frozen desserts, flour, nut butter, and even ice cream. Both of these blending devices come with both simples to use and clean regarding their quality and impressive design. You can use them comfortably by adding the ingredients to the container and run the machine with their variable speed level. They also include the self-cleaning features, which provide effortless cleaning. You need to just a drop of the dishwasher with warm water to clean the blender perfectly. After adding to the container, then you can turn on the blender within 60-seconds our blender will be clean properly. The best feature of these units includes radial cooling, which provides safe use by preventing overheating. Another specific feature is the cooling fans are equipped with thermal sensors, and that gets to trigger an automatic switch-off in case they get too hot. Because of these blending units’ quality and design, they will allow you to several kinds of items, which will help to reduce your stress from cooking. Additionally, the versatile use will allow you to make dough, batters, salsa, dips & spreads, salads, butter, purees, baby food, and so on conveniently.

Motor Power

The E310 and E320 are the Explorian Series blenders, both of these devices come with powerful motors, and there is 0.2 horsepower difference in their motor-power due to a different number of blades. The Vitamix E310 includes a 2.0 horsepower-motor, and E20 comes with a 2.2 horsepower powerful-motor, but their blending performances are quite identical. The sturdy design allows you to use these blenders at the highest speed. They also provide safe use with the radical cooling system and thermal protection, which automatically stop the blending operation if the motor gets overheated or overloaded. The E310 and E320 also include the ball bearing technology, which means that it can comfortably deliver efficient power and reduce the wear of motor to ensure its fantastic durability. Another essential thing is the performance that not only depends on the motor-wattage, here several kinds of factors depend, for instance, motor technology, derive connection and constructions, pitcher combination with the blade design and technology. With their sturdy motor-power, both of these E310 & E320 are versatile to use by adding the ingredients to the container to prepare several recipes comfortably.


The price range of these E310 & E320 compact blenders are lower-priced entries from the Vitamix Explorian Series. Both of these blending units are excellent than the ordinary entry-level blenders. As we discussed above, the features and programs of these two blending machines, I think now you can conveniently guess which Vitamix is pricey. Regarding their features-programs, including the performance, the Vitamix E320 costs a little higher than the Vitamix E310. But both of these blenders are perfect to gets the impressive results in every time of use to make your kitchen life more comfortable. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly price or the budget issue then, you can pick the E310, or if you need a powerful blender for your kitchen, then the E320 is ideal for you.


To get the better blending the container of every blender needs the best design with perfect sizes, including the durability for creating several meals, and recipes. The E310 & E320 both these blending devices containers come with an excellent design, which includes Eastman Tritan Copolyester quality, durability, temperature resistance up to 200F/ 94C, and shatter-resistance. However, the Explorian Series E310 blender features a 48-oz narrow body, including the low-profile design with a plastic grip. Whereas the E320 model, that comes with a 64-oz wide-body low-profile container, including the rubber grip design to use this comfortably. Both of these containers are outstanding spout for pouring liquid out. These jars also include ounces, cups, and milliliters with the best adaptations for all recipes. Regarding the versatility, these jars are equipped with an identical black rubber lid, clear plug, including the custom made tampers. The narrow 48-oz container of the E310 blender that is suitable for processing small batches of food recipes, on the other hand, the E320 includes a 64-oz jar, and that is perfect for large recipes. The approximate volume of the food for 48-oz can handles 1-1.5-cups, while the minimum for the 64-oz can handle 2-3 cups, but that depends on the thickness of the food ingredients.

The essential thing is if you are trying to process smaller batches of food with the 64-oz-pitcher that will splash the food around the quality of the blending will be not as convenient as the other regular Vitamix do. The 64-oz is ideal for preparing large batches, and that can comfortably handle a large amount of food in one cycle. But the 48-oz takes two cycles to complete the processing of food ingredients. It is quite clear that the 48-oz container of the E310 blending device that is efficient at blending small-volumes of food ingredient, for instance, baby food, mayonnaise, nut butter, and other recipes. Moreover, the 48-oz container of the E310-blender is suitable for smaller households like 1-4 people, and the E320 model 64-oz that is perfect for larger households for serving 5-people or more.


The Vitamix E310 & E320 these blending devices comes with the identical hardened stainless steel blades, which includes the laser-cut design with the resistant to dulling or bending. Both these units blade comes with the best design, which delivers the best blending results from the fast to last. The main difference in both of these blenders is the E310 features a 3-inches four-prong-blade, which design into the 48-oz jar. The E320 model comes with a 4-inches four-prong-blade, and that is inbuilt into the 64-oz wide-body container. Additionally, the design of the blades comes with air-craft quality stainless steel with an all-metal drive system, which ensures the perfect food processing. These Vitamix devices are also equipped with the ball bearing of the blade system, which ensures the best performances, a better life span, and more efficient. These blades are very sharp, regarding their quality and design, which can handle any tough items in every time of use that you would get the perfect quality texture.

Control Panel

The control panel of the E310 & E320 both of these models is identical with their best designs to use comfortably. They come with the 10-variable speed dial, including the pulse switches. Regarding the transitions between speeds, the Vitamix E310 owns a 2-hp motor while the Vitamix E320 contains a 2.2-hp motor power. The motor power of these devices can run 1400-1600 rpm in its low-speed, but at the high-speed in incredibly fast, which designs to heat liquids with frictions approximately 23000-28500 rpm depending on the size of the blades. The speed-controls and the setting of the speed level are very soft to use to get the perfect consistency of food ingredients. While using, if you accidentally start the device at maximum speed, the machine will not ramp-up, it will instantly increase the maximum speed. You can use the medium speed to blend soft smoothies while the high-speed is perfect for blending hard food ingredients like seeded berries. Also, you can use the pulse button by pressing the pulse lever after choosing the needed speed that you want, which comes with a handy design. With all the controls and a wide range of speeds, you can get a convenient blending process in every time of use.

The Using Process of Vitamix E310 VS Vitamix E320

The using process of the Vitamix E310 & E320 is simple regarding their versatility and functionality. Considering some features, both of these blending devices are identical, which provides the best performances conveniently. Both of these blending units are Explorian series blender and comes with the on/off switch to gets the blades to start and stop. They also include the variable speeds and provides enough friction to heat the ingredients while blending. By using these devices, you can get the best results while preparing soup. They also feature the pulse button, which provides the best usage for making salsa and sauces. Both of these units are perfect for preparing smoothies from several kinds of raw fruits or veggies. The Vitamix E310 is an Explorian series blender that comes with the best design, including the 48-oz pitcher, as we mentioned above. By using this device, you can comfortably prepare several kinds of items, for instance, smoothies, juices, crushing ice, chopping, soup, pouring baby food, nut butter, grinding, and milling. But due to its 48-oz container, that becomes a perfect device for making small portions, especially the preparation of baby food. The E320 is also quite the same, but that upgrade with the 2.2 motor power, 4-inches blade, and the 64-oz container. These are the difference between the E310 & E320, but still, they provide the same performances. Because of the 64-oz wide-container, the E320 is ideal for making large portions of delicious food recipes. Both of these blenders are excellent and the perfect appliances for your kitchen. If you are on a budget and want to prepare small-batches of recipes, then E310 is a perfect option for you, while the E320 is ideal for family size blending, and you need to spend some extra money to purchase this rather than the E310.

What Users Say about the Vitamix E310 VS Vitamix E320 & which one is the best?

The Vitamix E310 & E320 these devices are Explorian series blenders, with their best design and quality. Usually, the Vitamix blenders are popular because of their performance, and they are convenient to make smoothies, soups, and several recipes. By using these two Explorian series blenders, you can prepare several delicious items, for instance, dough, batters, salsa, dips & spreads, salads, butter, purees, baby food, and so on. But according to the consumer assumptions, including the user performances, the Vitamix E320 is better than the Vitamix E310 because of its capacity and quality blendings. But the Vitamix E310 is perfect for preparing smaller portions, and some users also find this device convenient to use. Also, you can get the E310 model at a pocket-friendly price.

Regarding the quality and design considering some features, both of the blenders are quite the same. But when it comes to combining family size recipes and larger portions of blending, most of the consumers prefer the Vitamix E320 because of its wide 64-oz container to get the best results in every time of use. Moreover, with the best design and the bigger sizes to prepare large volumes of smoothies or other meals, the E320 is a perfect option to get. User priority is first, here you can choose that one, which one you are comfortable with, and use that according to your desire.

Pros & Cons of the Vitamix E310


  • The E310 model is a convenient device and one of the cheapest Vitamix blenders out there.
  • This model comes with the pulse feature, which allows you to achieve chunkier consistencies.
  • It includes a 48-ounce container, and that is perfect for preparing small portions of food.
  • It comes with the no bulky design, including the low-profile container that fit any storage cabinets.
  • This is a versatile blending unit and performs all the functions conveniently.
  • It is a high-end blender that comes with the best design to get quality performances in every time of use.
  • This E310 model comes with a pocket-friendly price.
  • It is available with several color options like black, white, and red.
  • This Vitamix E310 model is a durable device, and you can use and clean the device comfortably.
  • Built to the last and provides excellent customer services.

  • The motor-power of this Vitamix E310 model is 10% less-powerful than most other next-generation like other quality blenders.
  • It comes with smaller blades, which is slightly less efficient at blending.
  • Comparing with other quality blenders, lacks the blending presets function like other next-generation blending units.
  • It includes the 48-oz container, which is not ideal for blending large batches of food.

Pros & Cons of the Vitamix E320


  • The Vitamix E320 comes with a high-end motor, which is powerful and durable enough to give consistent results in every time of use.
  • This device comes with a 64-oz wide-body container, and the capacity makes it suitable for large quantities.
  • It comes with the stainless steel larger blades, which gets more cutting area and thereby more efficiency.
  • This blending unit comes with the pulse feature and the variable speed dial to do the operation comfortably.
  • It is a versatile blending unit, and its all the functions help to get the best performances.
  • This device design with quality materials, and regarding the compactness, it is built to last to use this for a long time.
  • It includes a self-cleaning feature, which allows you to clean this device effortlessly.
  • It includes the 10-variable speed settings, which allow you to get the quality blending results according to your desire.
  • This device comes with 7-years of a warranty package comparing with other quality brands.
  • You can get excellent customer services by using it, and it fits under most cabinets conveniently.

  • You can find inconvenient blending small batches because the larger container makes a bit tough.
  • This blending unit does not include the blending presets system comparing with other quality next-generation blenders.
  • According to some consumer assumptions, the noise level is not the quietest.
  • This blending unit is a bit pricey compared to other quality competitors.
  • This Explorian series blender is not an ideal choice for light usage.

What Is Our Choice Between The Vitamix E310 VS Vitamix E320?

The next-generation blenders are excellent from the Vitamix brand because of their quality and design. The E310 and E320, both of these blending devices are excellent, regarding their quality, design, and ability to perform. After analyzing the features and programs, both of these Explorian series blending devices, they are durable enough to get the best results in every time of use. Regarding the quality with advanced features, honestly speak the Vitamix E320 is better than the Vitamix E310. Though both of these units are identical, there are a couple of keys differences between them. Probably the biggest advantages that the Vitamix E320 model take over the E310 model the powerful motor, including the larger blades. These programs allow you to get the best performances and make blends slightly more consistent. Both of these blending units provide overall performance to get consistent results. Regarding the quality, design, and capacity, we would like to suggest you buy the Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender. Between the Vitamix Explorian E310 and E320, the E320 is the best. For better blending and preparing large portions, the Vitamix E320 is ideal to purchase.


These E310 & E320 both blending devices are the best device for use. They include identical controls in their basement and have a traditional blender look with more physical controls. While doing the blending operations, these Vitamix Explorian Series blenders are the best quality units that you need in the kitchen for better results. These two Vitamix E310 & E320 are the cheaper options on the market among all the quality and highly-rated Vitamix blenders. Regarding the durability and powerful performance, both of these units will deliver you convenient results for a long period. Furthermore, as we mentioned above that the E320 model is perfect for the family size blending, while the E310 is ideal for smaller portions due to their container sizes. Both of these devices are versatile and the best performing blenders, which allow you to enjoy unlimited blending experience in your kitchen. Considering the features and programs, including the budget, it is your choice that which one will suit the most to your kitchen, where you can use the device conveniently, and get the best results according to your desire.

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