Silver Metal Manual Juicer

Silver Metal Manual Juicer: An Extensive Review of Multifunctional Hand Juicer

The SUR Silver Metal Manual Juicer Fruit Squeezer

The juicer is essential for every kitchen for juicing comfortably to prepare healthy juice. Making juice from fruits and other healthy grains is the best way to get the resolution to eat healthier and lose weight. To get a healthy body to stay fit, it is not enough to eat less food. To maintain sound health, you need to ensure your body is getting the proper vitamins and nutrients your body craves.

Juicing is the best way to getting the proper vitamins and nutrients, including the micronutrients from your fruits and vegetables, which allow you to get without cooking the foods. However, two types of juicers are available in the market one is the manual juicer, and another is the electric juicer. Here I am going to discuss a manual juicer, which is a silver metal manual juicer and fruit squeezer design by SUR. You can use this squeezer to prepare juice manually with several kinds of fruits. It is a multifunctional manual fruit juice, which gives you the best use to get every last drop from your fruit.

This citrus press that is proven to get more juice while juicing than other manual juicers. While juicing with this manual juicer, you will find no seeds in your juice. The best part of this juicer is that save your time and effort with the simple to use a pressing function, and electricity or batterie is needed to work with this device. You can use this comfortably because that comes with cleans in seconds and the dishwasher friendly as well. That is an outstanding device to take the extra touch in your food or cocktail by adding the fruit juice.

Features & Programs

The SUR manual juicer is an excellent fruit squeezer, and that comes with silver metal design. Because of the easy-to-use, it is the best device to work with by saving time and effort to prepare juice comfortably. The specific feature of this juicer is its silver metal body design, and that brings convenience to use this device for a long. The body design of a manual juicer is essential to get quality juicing and the long time use for as well. Some of the juicers come with the plastic body, and they are suitable for juicing limes and small lemons, and there is a chance to get if you press strongly due to the plastic body design. Also, some juicers are only designed with the metal body, and because of this, there is a chance where the body gets decay due to the touch of water and dishwasher while cleaning. But if you look at the silver metal design that is safe to use for a long time and you can use this according to your desire. Another beneficial side of getting a manual silver metal juicer will allow you to get more juice than other brands. Due to the silver metal design, it is dishwasher safe and provides comfortable cleaning in seconds.

Specific Feature of the SUR Manual Juicer

The SUR silver metal manual juicer is an exceptional fruit squeezer, and that delivers the best results while juicing. Though its a manual juicer and it includes some features and programs, which allow you to do the juicing conveniently. The best feature of this juicer is the silver metallic design, and that makes this device long-lasting to use this comfortably for a long time.

  • Product Name: The SUR Fruit Juicer and Squeezer
  • Feature: Eco Friendly
  • Dimension: 11cm x 23cm x 10cm
  • Color: Silver Metallic
  • Design: Strong Quality design
  • Quantity of Juicing: 1 Pice

These are the features and programs of this manual juicer, and that delivers the best results in every time of use. Also, it is a user-friendly appliance for your kitchen to get the quality juicing and cleans this in a matter of seconds.

How to Use this SUR Manual Juicer?

To work with a manual juicer or use it that is quite simple and different manual juicers come with different functions. This SUR silver metallic manual juicer is an exceptional device, and it requires you to use your muscle to squeeze the juices out from your fruits and vegetables. For using this SUR manual juicer, you need to increase the juicer handle then place the fruit. After this, you can start pressing by using your hand to prepare juice. Working with a manual juicer is convenient if you have the right manual-juicer. All the power is in your hand, and you need to use the juicer handle for preparing juice smoothly. The notable thing is after juicing, do not add heat to the juice because that will result in prevents the vital nutrients, and vitamins from the juice.


The SUR silver metal manual juicer is an ideal manual-juicer for your kitchen. It is a convenient device to work with and gives you the best juicing results than any other quality manual-juicer. Additionally, you can get the best juicing with this SUR hand press manual fruit juicer because that is a heavy-duty device and simple to use and clean. Regarding the simple design and strong body, it will be the best manual juicer for your smart kitchen to work conveniently.