Powerful & Speedy 4-in-1 Oxa Smart Immersion Hand Blender

Powerful & Speedy 4-in-1 Oxa Smart Immersion Hand Blender

KOIOS OXA Smart Immersion Hand Blender

At present, the immersion blender is one of the most beneficial kitchen aid tools on the market. By using an immersion blender, you can comfortably and easily blend, chop or puree components directly in the container, bowl or jug. An immersion blender or hand mixer is a small machine that can turn foods and vegetables into a liquid such as a soup, smoothie, or milkshake. You can make it perfect for creating healthy meals quickly and easily.

If you are searching for a powerful and high-quality immersion blender that also called as hand or stick blender, then the KOIOS OXA smart 800-Watt/ 12-Speed Immersion Blender is a fabulous choice. It comes with a lot of features and functions to help you by doing its job satisfactorily. This immersion blender is reasonably priced than other similar ones. And this immersion hand blender with 12 speed and 800 watts allows you to make soup, vegetable mix, smoothie, and so on.


  • Product Name: KOIOS OXA Smart Immersion Hand Blender
  • Model Number: HB-2033B3
  • Dimension: 9.9 x 5.5 x 9.9 inches
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Motor Power: 800 watts
  • Speed Settings: 12 Variable Speed Mode+Turbo
  • 600ML Mixing Beaker
  • 500ML Food Chopper
  • Anti-Splash Technology
  • Build by: Stainless steel blade, rubber handle
  • Available Color: Black

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KOIOS OXA Smart 800-Watt/ 12-Speed Immersion Hand Blender comes with a lot of features and programs to help you by doing its task convincingly. In the below, we point out the features of this immersion blender for you:

Motor Power

This immersion hand blender of OXA Smart comes with a very powerful and versatile motor. The motor power of this blender is 800watts, which is quite an extra comparably others similar. Therefore, it can easily blend the hard and strong ingredients including ice and vegetable comfortably.

Ice Crashing Cross Blade


 Immersion Hand Blender Blade

The blade of this OXA Smart immersion blender is made with stainless still which is strong enough to grind perfectly your desired ingredients. The blades of this stick blender designed by using anti-splash technology that keeps the capability of the blades of the blender.

Anti-Splash Technology

Splashes do not stand a chance. Just enjoy perfect results with no mess. As is standard for KOIOS OXA Smart hand blender, its blending shaft has been designed with Anti-Splash technology. It prevents splashing and delivers the best blending result to your kitchen.

The stainless blade of KOIOS OXA Smart hand blender is somewhat covered by a bell shape stainless housing nicely that keeps splashing to a minimum to remain you and also your kitchen clean.

600ml Mixing Beaker

The OXA Smart 800 watts immersion hand blender comes with 600 ml mixing beaker which is very easy to maintenance. It is also BPA free for added accessibility. By using this mixing beaker, you can easily make smoothies, juices, fruits mixer with ice, and other similar mixers.

500ml Food Chopper

One of the key features of this stick blender is that it also comes with a 500 ml food chopper. By using this food chopper, you can chop such smaller ingredients like onions, chili, and garlic very easily. You can also mix up the components of bakes, biscuits, and other more complex recipes’ components. The 500w powered S-shape reversible blade allows you to undertake everything within a short time with minimum effort.

Convenient Blending Stick


     Stick: OXA Smart Immersion Hand Blender

One of the most remarkable parts of the OXA Smart immersion hand blender is its ergonomically designed handle. The length of this versatile shaft is 8 inches that come with fixed blade locks into the motor body for easy operation. This handy stick is designed lets you blend deep in a bowl, pitcher or pot. You can apply it to prepare velvety soups, thick mayonnaise, smoothies, baby food, chunky pesto, and more.

Whisk Attachment

This stick blender of KOIOS OXA Smart also comes with a nice designed whisk attachment. It will help you with baking, whipping of egg whites, and cream. With this whisking and creaming functions, this blender will make cheesecake, mousses, meringues, creamed mixtures, and so on.

How to Use KOIOS OXA Smart Immersion Hand Blender

OXA Smart 800 watts/12 speed immersion blender is very easy to use. The handy stick of the blender is also very light in weight-2.8 pounds only. The grip of this hand blender is very pleasant. So, you can easily blend your desired ingredients.

Note: You will have a helpful user manual with the blender that will assist you a lot.

Speed Settings


   Speed Settings: OXA Smart Immersion Blender

OXA Smart 800 watts/12 speed immersion blender has 12variable speed mode that will certainly customize your blending experience. The 12-Speed Hand Blender lets you grind, blend, crush, chop, puree, and whisk. You have to choose the proper speed to blend your ingredients.

Turbo Speed: This hand blender also has a turbo speed settings. You can not run the blender in turbo speed for more than one minute.


The cleaning process of the blender also very accessible. You have got the option of hand washing the parts or launching them into the dishwasher. You can detach every single part of the blender. This blender is not dishwasher safe. The OXA Smart 800 watts/12 speed immersion blender attachments and containers are top-shelf dishwashers safe.


KOIOS OXA 800-Watt/ 12-Speed Immersion Hand Blender comes with 24 months of warranty. If the blender does not work within 24 months, the manufacturer will repair or replace the blender without demanding any charge. The customer service of KOIOS OXA is qualified over the years.

Return & Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied with your purchased product, you may return it within 90 days after shipping. The manufacturer provides 90 days’ money-back guarantee. They can refund your product price or give you a replacement for this blender.

If you have any issues or require any kind of support, assistance, or warranty claims, you need to contact KOIOS OXA directly at the address following. If you bought the blender from Amazon, you have to provide them with the order number and product model number.

Website: www.hoverstorm.com

Email: [email protected]

What Users Say About This Product

In the table below, we summarize the points the verified buyers have to say about this product in favor or against.


  • The chopper ‘bowl’ of this immersion blender is the perfect stand for storage.
  • Using this blender, you can do a lot with such as cake mixing, immersing, chopping, whisking, etc.
  • There are many choices to adjust the right power you want to apply.
  • This stick blender is ideal for a quick mixing task that doesn’t need a big massive hand mixer.
  • This hand blender is not too loudly as other similar products.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • 12 variable speed mode helps the blender to do its task easily and smoothly.
  • The motor is very powerful and can grind the veggies and other ingredients quickly.
  • The blades of this immersion blender seem more sturdy than the Cuisinart product.
  • The design of the blender is ergonomic and glorious.


  • Works quite defectively after 6-7 months of use.
  • The handle’s design of the blender is quite poor than other parts.
  • The device is not cordless, and the cord length is not remarkably long.
  • Someone complained about the replacement product quality although replacement complete so quickly.
  • This stick blender cannot crush ice as a countertop blender.
  • Someone complained that the blender has broken after 17-18 months of use.

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Overall, we are impressed with this versatile and convenient hand blender. This OXA Smart Immersion Blender appears to fit all of the expectations for a multifunctional kitchen device. If you buy this one of the best stick blenders, it will allow you to easily and quickly make healthy drinks, snacks, foods, and so on in just a moment from the comfort of your own house.

With the OXA’s various speed modes as well as turbo setting, you can comfortably blend chop, and mix any food sequences. And of course, you can consider it in no time at all. While this immersion blender of OXA is in the lower price category, it works with the same quality as a blender with much higher price labels. You can apply this blender to your kitchen over the years. And, you will get this hand blender as an indispensable kitchen aid tools.

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