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Do you use a smart phone? Do you play a game named “Nin Jump”? It is a quite cool game, and I like it very much. The sword of the protagonist of the game that is quite sharp. If a blender equipped with blades that as sharp as the protagonist’s sword, I think any materials ( I think you won’t think the stone is included ) shall be no survivors. The Ninja BL660 Blender is what I mentioned. Whether you are troubling in a blender which may cost you several dollars unable to blend ice. If a blend unable to handle ice when you are making smoothies, how can it bring its owner teste drinks?

Ninja BL660 Reviews: The Ninja BL660 Blender is able to blend ice to snow easily. In fact The Ninja BL660 can blend ice to snow in less than 30 seconds! To many other blenders, they are only able to crush ice instead of making snow out of ice if the ice is covered with juice. With this ability, you can blend apples, seeds, carrots or other you want together with ice, and it comes out will silk smoothies. That means you can enjoy snow-smoothies and save time at the same time. The Ninja  Blender has a humanized feature-Individual size carafes. I don’t think that a blender only able to make the mount of smoothies but can’t blend something small is a good blend. As we know sometimes we are blending drinks for only ourselves. If we blend too much, no one will help us to drink them, and we have to store them. What’s worse is the drinks will less fresh than before. The Ninja BL660 Blender can afford 72oz of healthy smoothies for all family, it is also able to offer a 16oz single serving cup for you. That is quite convenience and practically for any homes.

A good product is not just has a good performance, but should pay attention to the details. The Ninja BL660 Blender is a model. There is a special pouring spout on it while you con’t find in standard blenders. Yeah, you may never notice such detail. But when you are pouring smoothies after you finish blending, you will feel the importance of this small detail. Without it, you can’t handle the viscosity stable when you pour them out of the container.

I have to mention the 6 Blade Ninja Technology. With the 6 blades vertically stacked and a 1000 Watts of Power, it is not difficult to understand that why the Ninja BL660 can blend ice into snow so easily. Compared with the  BL660, the common standard blender only with a single blade, if it still can handle ice easily and I must be surprised by it. Anything stands in the blades way will be torn into shreds

Ninja BL660 Reviews Conclusion
The Ninja BL660 Blender is full of good features such as touch operation, safe operation feature, 6 blade Ninja Technology and 1000 watts of power. Objectively speaking, The Ninja BL660 really is a good product. And the price is acceptable. It is an amazing blender

Ninja BL660 Review
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