How to Choose the Perfect Magic Bullet Blender: Buying Guide

Magic Bullet Blender Buying Guides

Blender is an essential element for blending smoothies and juices, in a smooth structure with the best quality. A useful blender takes care of all the blending needs of your kitchen. Before, buying blender people find, several types of factors in a blending device, especially both the budget and durability. The magic blender is known as a personal blender. A personal blender is capable of performing various tasks. The magic blender becomes the most vital kitchen appliance for blending. The magic blenders can work for many purposes, for instance, emulsifying, blending, mixing more than one component, and even break the hardest ingredients. The most important thing is a blender works for giving the smooth structure of fruits and vegetables while making juice.

The best thing to understand that magic bullet blender is not the same kind of blenders like Vitamix and Blendtec these blenders, have the advance design with high-quality features to heavy use. Magic bullet blender comes with a lighter feature for performing softer tasks like smoothies, flours, and other delicious juices. The personal blender is convenient for doing several kinds of tasks. Here you can get much information about personal blenders, which will help you to select the best one for yourself.

What is The Magic Bullet Blender?

A magic bullet blender is a personal blender, which is a versatile kitchen appliance that offers you excellent performance and convenience. This device is the little helper in the kitchen for blending foods. These blenders can perform softer blending, not for the heavy-duties according to their performance, which is favored by blending enthusiasm. Because the magic blenders are ideal for making smoothies, drinks, shake, and many healthy delicious dishes daily. There is a limitation of a magic blender according to its performance. The capabilities to determine whether these can full fill for your kitchen needs. A magic bullet blender can blend smoothies, capable of juicing, grinding coffee beans, and the chopping as well.

What Things to Consider Before Buying Magic Bullet Blender?

An electric blender is the best appliance for a smart kitchen according to the kitchen needs. There are so many things to consider before buying a blender. The first preferences are brands, shapes, designs, and sizes for selecting a blender. Because nowadays, it becomes so confusing to choose the best blender from hundreds of models. Different kinds of blender design differently for blending. The magic bullet blenders are capable of mixing softer food substances perfectly. There are several kinds of features you need to check before buying a blender. Here we are going to describe below the vital things to consider before buying a blender.


Most of the magic bullet blender single-serve features and several types of containers. But some personal blender also includes powerful motors to perform conveniently. It also depends on the blender quality for blending or mixing several kinds of things accurately. Because magic bullet blender lets you blend, grind, and making smoothies, juices. Even some high-quality magic bullet blender is capable of breaking the hardest foods with excellent performance. The best thing about these blenders is versatile and able to perform several kinds of tasks like chopping, blending, grinding, grating, and mixing. There are much more convenient to use features, which provides simple cleanup, and resealable cups. These blenders let you enjoy the morning breakfast with refreshments.


The price range of a magic blender is not high, and that is affordable for buying. Because magic bullet blenders price starts from $19 and up to $200. The price range also depends on the quality, that what type of blender it is. The low-quality price blenders come with the single-speed option and can not continue the blending process repeatedly. But the high-quality blender can perform several kinds of blending and do the blending process regularly. Because of their durability, these are capable of mixing the foods conveniently.


The blade is an essential part of a blender because that is used to blend the ingredients ideally. Nowadays, all kinds of blender’s blades come with hardened stainless steel. However, the magic bullet blender comes with two types of blades one is the flat blade, and another is the cross blade. The cross-blade use for chopping, grating, and blending the food substance perfectly. The flat-blade is for making cream with the food substance and break the hard foods like coffee beans and spices. These are the capabilities of the magic bullet blender blades for blending the healthy foods.

Container and Power Level

Most of the quality blender’s container comes with the super durable design and non-toxic plastic. For blending with an electric-blender, all the blending parts important for performing with the food substances. The container is an essential part of a blender. However, the magic bullet blender comes with BPA free plastic and the best design ever. But most of the magic bullet has small and medium level containers, which are best for morning smoothies and preparing drinks for two or three people. Some high-quality blender can blend a large number of foods for a big family. Furthermore, all the plastic made containers are safe and BPA free for mixing the food conveniently. The performance of a blender depends on motor performance and what kinds of capabilities it has for blending or mixing varieties of foods.

The magic bullet blender’s motor-power starts from 200-watt, and the highest power is 600-watt or more than it. The motor-power plays a vital role in blending the food substances accurately. The bullet blender works with a single speed, and the high-quality bullet blender has the powerful-speed option for using the devices conveniently.

The Quantity of Magic Bullet Blender

The magic bullet blender meets all the needs of the kitchen to chops, blends, and mixes to create the best combination ever. The magic bullet is one of the more affordable options regarding all types of personal blenders. Their price starts at $40 and more than this price, but that depends on the blender quality. Some magic bullet has a high-quality profile rather than the cheap price blender. The quality matters when it comes to the price. The magic bullet has a good range of prices according to their quality and performance. Though some blenders price at a high range and there quality and performance gives the best when it comes to blending. Moreover, these types of devices give excellent performance regarding their quality, capability, and capacity.

Ease of Cleaning

The cleaning method of a magic bullet blending device is simple. Because blender is the most used appliance in the kitchen. There are several types of simple tricks to clean the blender easily. The first simple method is by using the detergent with some water, then blend it for less than 1-minute. After this, take the blending container and clean it with fresh water. Another format is if you have a cup with a removable blade that is more convenient to clean. However, all kinds of blenders are simple to clean if you know the right technique. Because of the small design and suitable shapes, the cleaning method of a magic bullet blender is more accessible rather than a family-size blender.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you blend ice in a magic bullet blender?

The magic bullet blender is not perfect when you are going to blend the ice because of the low motor power. Most of the magic bullet blenders are excellent for blending smoothies and drinks. But if you are going to use a high-quality and powerful motor, then it is possible to blend ice by using a magic bullet blender.

Which is the best magic bullet blender?

There are several types of blenders in the top trending market. When it comes to select the best blender, the customers regard blender durability and performance. According to the consumer assumption, some magic bullet blenders take the best place because of their motor-power and durability. Some magic bullet blenders-power start from 250 to 900-watts, These are some best blenders, including the best price for purchasing.

Is magic bullet blender dishwasher safe?

Yes, the magic bullet blender’s removable parts are dishwasher safe. You can use the dishwasher in all of the cups and lids, which are includes with the bullet blender. But the blades and motor basement these two things can not go in the dishwasher.

Which is the best bullet blender?

Several types of trending magic bullet blenders are in the market for buying. If you are looking for a bullet blender to make smoothies, then 250 to 400-watts motor power is enough to complete your tasks. But if you want to do the best blending with both softer and hard ingredients, then powerful blender’s are acceptable. The motor power is like magic bullet 900-watts, and that is the best blender to blend the food substance.

Can magic bullet blender grind coffee?

Yes, the magic bullet blender can grind the coffee beans because of their flat blade and the convenience performance. But some low-quality motor-power magic blender gives a lower result while blending coffee beans. But some blender’s include flat blade and powerful motor can easily crush the coffee beans.

Can you make juice in a magic bullet blender?

With a magic bullet blender, you can prepare juice with fruits and vegetables. But when you are going to make juice with a magic bullet blender, you need to turn the motor on to blend continuously. After this, you can enjoy the poured drink directly from the juicer into a glass.

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Can magic bullet blender chop vegetables?

The magic bullet blender is handy and versatile that can simply chop the vegetables, which can fit into the cup for blending. Most of the bullet blenders can chop the onions and other vegetables simply. The magic bullet blender can chop the vegetables conveniently, according to its capacity.

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Can I make celery juice in a magic bullet blender?

Yes, you can make celery juice by using a magic bullet blender. But after blending celery juice with a magic bullet blender, you need to clear the pulp from the drink. By using a fine mesh or a nut milk bag to extract the juice into a glass or bowl to makes it drinkable.

How often should I replace the Nutribullet Blender blades?

To keep your Nutribullet blender in a suitable condition. Our suggestion is to replace your blade in every 6-months. Also, get the smooth blending with the sharpness of the blade.

How much can I use in each smoothie?

Generally, for making smoothies, the service recommended on each package. Another thing is you need to refer the nutrition label for serving size of each supplement. To blend the fruits and vegetables for making smoothies. Also, you can taste the best smoothie by adding different fruits to your blender.

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Final Thoughts

The blender features are the first requirement for choosing the best blending device for your kitchen. All the features of the magic bullet blender are durable to gives the best performance while blending. Another thing is the blender’s portable that you can carry it everywhere, and the costs of these devices are affordable. All this personal blender feature and information will help you to choose the best one for yourself. Therefore, you can enjoy all the blending processes with their excellent performance.

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