LINKChef Immersion Blender

LINKChef Immersion Blender: A Versatile Hand Blender Review

LinkChef Immersion Hand Blender

LinkChef is a well-known brand of several types of kitchen appliances. The LinkChef brand produces several kinds of blenders, and their designs are excellent. Their product design with quality materials to enhance your kitchen works conveniently. However, the LinkChef brand manufacture different types of blenders and kitchen accessories, which always delivers super quality results, and also improves the quality of everyday living. Nonetheless, the LinkChef comes with a hand blender, and that comes with a perfect design to do the blending process conveniently.

This device provides a healthy living lifestyle because of the BPA free plastic materials, which are also FDA approved elements for safe use. This device also includes fashion and practical design, which is built-in with an ergonomic design body. That also includes a rubberized handle for a secure grip and comfortable blending. Instead of a stylish design that also has a safety switch design, and that works with the motor, when the blender gets fully fix with its main body. This device includes a sturdy-motor, and that works conveniently. This hand-blender also includes sturdy titanium coated 4-blade to blend the food substances perfectly. Moreover, by using this blender, you can prepare healthy smoothies, mud soups, marinades, sauces, juices, salad, vegetable juice, milkshake, smoothies, and baby food supplements.

Key Features

  • Product Name: LinkChef Immersion Hand Blender
  • Power: 300 Watt
  • Controls: Switch Control
  • Model Name: HB-1230
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Speed Mode: Single Speed Mode
  • Container Size: 2 Cups 500ml bowl and 800ml beaker

Features and Program of LinkChef HB-1230 Immersion Blender

The LinkChef HB-1230 is a 4-in-one hand stick blender. LINKChef Immersion Blender provides simple operation while blending the food substances because of its powerful motor. Here you can find the programs and features of LinkChef HB-1230 immersion hand-blender.

Motor Power

LINKChef Immersion Blender comes with a powerful 300-watt motor. This motor power use 27,000 rpm puer copper motor to use the high speed. That is also built-in with fashion, and practical design, including the rubberized handle for a secure grip the full combination of this device, helps the motor to works conveniently. The best thing about this sturdy-motor it produces low-noise while working with it. The motor power is influential that you can prepare healthy smoothies, mud soups, marinades, sauces, and juices for your family. The motor power of this device includes a turbo-speed option, and that provides the best operation with the food ingredients. Moreover, with the help of this sturdy-motor, you can make a fruit salad, vegetable juice, milkshake, smoothies, and baby foods in a short period.


The LinkChef HB-1230 includes 2-containers for blending perfectly. The first one is a 500-ml food chopper bowl that uses for blending healthy smoothies, mud soups, marinades, sauces, and juices. The second one is an 800ml beaker, including the cup lid, and that also gives excellent blending. However, the design of the containers come with food-grade BPA-free and FDA-approved materials, which ensures the safety and healthy living. The design of these cups is excellent to blend the food substance perfectly. Moreover, these containers are dishwasher safe and give excellent service while mixing.


The LinkChef is a hand blender and comes with handy design as other high-quality immersion blenders. The design of the handle looks like a stick, and it includes the motor and the removable blades. This LinkChef HB-1230 is a handy blender that has an ergonomic grip, which provides a non-slip and comfortable grip during the blending the food substances. However, the design of this handle comes with pure copper materials to gives convenience results. Because of the handheld design, the full control of this device comes into your hand to operate this excellently. Moreover, the design of this blender stick is a stylish design, and that also ensures the best blending ever.


The blades are the significant parts of a blender. Because of the Sharp-blades and motor power, an electric-blender performs their tasks excellently. Most of the quality blender blades design with hardened stainless steel materials, which ensures durability. However, this LinkChef hand blender comes with sharp blades, and these are designed with sturdy titanium coated design. Because of the titanium-coated design, it is simple to prepare a fruit salad, vegetable juice, milkshake, smoothies, and baby food supplements. This blender also includes a special ice-blade for the chopper, which allows you to crush ice cubes conveniently. The stainless steel blade design of this blender is sharp enough to give the best consistency of your blended meals and drinks.

How to Use LinkChef hand blender?

The using method of this LinkChef immersion blender is simple because of its handy design. The main parts of this hand blender body are the mixing stick and the containers. You can comfortably use the device with the pitchers. Because of the stick design, all the blending power is in your hand, and you can efficiently work with the food ingredients. This device also includes a stainless steel whisk attachment that allows you to prepare the food in a short time of consistency. To blend with this device comfortably, you need to take the container and place the food substances into it. Then use the blending arm to start the blending. After the blending process, the cleaning method is also simple because of the handy design. Another thing about this device is all the removable attachments of this device are dishwasher safe, and you can clean this comfortably.


The LinkChef hand blender is a compact device and gives excellent results all the time. Because of all the attachments of this device design with quality materials. LinkChef hand blender gives convenience performance to creates a perfect texture and consistency of your blended meals and drinks. With the help of this smart stick blender, you can comfortably blend cold drinks, hot soups, and sauces with the accurate-size of the pitcher. Another thing is while using the blender, be careful to handle the blades because these are sharp enough to cut your hands.

Moreover, before using this hand blender, read the user manual for your betterment. LinkChef hand blender gives the best blending to prepare most of the delicious meals with the perfect texture and consistency.

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