How to Make Soup in Ninja Blender

How to Make Soup in Ninja Blender? – A Complete Guide

How to Make Soup in Ninja Professional Countertop Blender?

By using a Ninja Professional Countertop Blender, you can comfortably make hot soup. All of the Ninja Professional series blenders have a powerful motor that can perform each of the blending tasks conveniently. The Ninja Professional blenders also come with high enough speeds to make hot soup with hot starting ingredients. Another thing works for making hot soup with a blender that is the cyclonic action of blades and the motor power as well to preparing your recipes comfortably. For making soup with a Ninja Professional countertop blender, you can add raw hot ingredients into the container for blending. You need to make sure that to do not exceed the max hot liquid scale. Then you need to attach the lid and lock it into place. Then you have to select the soup auto program to start the blending. Another thing is while blending hot ingredients does not remove the center cap.

Once it’s complete, the blender will automatically stop blending. There is nothing to left to enjoy your delicious soup. You need to take care of one thing as exercise caution when pouring soup from the pitcher the ingredients will be hot, and you need to pour this safely.

How to Make Soup in Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender?

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System blender is an excellent blending device. These types of blenders come with a sturdy motor with several features and programs to prepare various delicious items. For making soup with the Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender, you need to add the ingredients into the blender container one by one or at once. After this, you need to lock the lid into the container. Then place it into the basement of the blender to start the blending process by turn on the blender power switch then select the PUREE option into the control panel to start the blending. It will take one minute to complete the blending, and when it is done, the blender will shut-off automatically. After the blending, cock the blended soup in low-medium heat to enjoy your soup. That is a simple task to prepare soup using this Ninja Mega Kitchen, and you can prepare soup effortlessly by using this device.

How to Make Soup in Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender?

The Ninja professional blender comes with several advanced features and programs to do the blending conveniently. Because of the sleek design, it gives outstanding performance each of the time because of its powerful motor. You can comfortably prepare soup with this 72-Ounce professional blender jar, and that is also perfect for making large batches recipes. For making soup with Ninja Professional, including the 72-ounce pitcher, you need to add hot raw ingredients and turn the power switch of this blender. Then you can start the blending by pressing the low-speed button and slightly increase to the high-speed for making soup. You can also use the pulse button of this blender at the beginning of the blending session to move the ingredients around. But you need to take care of the thing that does not fulfill the whole container with the food ingredients. Especially, blending the hot soup, you need to fill the half container while using the 72oz pitcher. Because blending with the half container while making hot soup, that will give you a better blending experience. It will take 3-4 minutes to complete the full blending. Another thing is you also use hot water at the beginning of the blending process to reduce the time limit.

After the blending, you can use an oven to heat this in low or medium heat. So that after the preparation of hot soup you can completely enjoy this.

How to Make Soup in Ninja BL456 Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender?

Soup is the kind of recipe that prepare with by blending the hot ingredients. Preparing soup is quite simple if you have the right device to use. As far as my personal experience, including so many consumer assumptions, the Ninja BL456 Nutri Pro is a compact and powerful personal blender. But that is not good to blend the hot food ingredients. Because of its sturdy motor, this blender can comfortably extract the hidden nutrient & vitamin from fruits and veggies. The manufacturer of the Ninja blender, they do not design this blender to handle hot food. Another thing is the hot food increase the internal pressure of the blender container beyond that is what Ninja considers to be safe. If you are trying to blend hot food ingredients with Ninja, then you will be risking your kitchen blow out hot liquids sprayed all over the kitchen area by blending liquids.

If you still need to blend or prepare soup with this Ninja BL456 Nutri Pro Blender, or if you require liquifying ingredients for soup. Then you need to cool down the hot food ingredients to room temperature before putting into the Ninja. After this, you can do the blending for preparing soup, then heat the blended soup with an oven, and your hot soup is ready to have.

How to Make Soup in Nutri Ninja Personal Blender?

Most of the Ninja blender comes with several designs using quality materials. Because of their powerful motors, these kinds of blenders give excellent blending each of the time of use. The Nutri Ninja blender cups are not capable of handling the hot ingredients. The hot ingredients increase the internal pressure of the container, because of this the Nutri Ninja blender is not perfect for blending hot food ingredients. But the Nutri Ninja blender has the best power because of the sturdy motor, which allows you smooth blending in every time of use. Therefore, you can comfortably blend the cool soup ingredients with the Nutri Ninja blender. Then you can cook them for 15-20 minutes in the cooker or use an oven to enjoy the hot soup. That is the best way to prepare if you are using a Nutri Ninja blender. If you do the blending process with the Nutri Ninja cups that will hamper the cups, and blender as well and blow out the hot liquids by sprayed all over the kitchen.

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