Does Blending Destroy Food Values?

Does Blending Destroy Food Values?

Blender Using Method: How to Keep the Food Value of Ingredients?

Does Blending Destroy Food Values:  Nutritious smoothies and juice are the best way to keep sound health. There are several kinds of benefits of drinking smoothies and juice regularly because that ensures a healthier lifestyle. However, smoothies or juice is healthy when you prepare this with fresh fruits and vegetables. Because the fruits and vegetable juice has several kinds of nutrients and vitamins when you make smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables that turn into drinks. After taking the healthy-juice that comfortably mixes into the blood cells, and gives the best nutritional value fastly, which helps us to stay fit. Some health experts and doctors recommend that regularly drinking healthy juice is the best practice for your diet.

Because the smoothies have an abundance of nutrients and vitamins, they also come with simple to eat package. The blended fruit absorbs the nutrients from full fruit, which works more when you add the skins of the fruit.  Several types of smoothies recipes are available to do the blending conveniently. Smoothies and fruit juice is always beneficial for our health. But there is a contradict issue, that some people believe the blending destroys some of the nutrients from fruits and vegetables. But that allows you to absorb more nutrients in the liquid, rather than eat the whole-foods. Whereas in this topic of blending and nutrients, I am going to discuss whether the blending process keeps the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, or destroy the nutrients.

Does Blending Destroy Food Value of Ingredients?

Blending fruits, and vegetables this topic is a widely debatable issue. Whereas many people believe that while blending the whole-foods like fruits and vegetables destroy the nutrients, others contradict that it does not change the nutrients-levels that change the food-structure and its appearance.

Blending Process

The blending is a simple process that works by breaking down the fibers within the fruits and vegetables. That releases the nutrients during the blending cycle works. An electric blender works for primarily changing the texture and appearance by preparing them more liquid and drinkable. That does not cause them to lose any nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Essential components come from food is fiber, which is significant for our digestive system and plays a key role in the regulation of our blood sugar levels. Through the blending process, the fiber is present in fruits and vegetables, and they do not get destroyed. The main focus of a blender is to break down the foods from similar to pre-digested. Those nutrients can absorb in our body much quicker.

Nutrition Loss Can Occur Because of Heat

The nutrition loss can occur if it gets hot while blending the foods. The heat can produce from the blades of the blenders. If the temperatures get higher during the blending process, that can destroy the food nutrients if the higher heat process runs for 30 to 60 seconds at a time. The nutrients loss can happen during several types of heat processes, for instance, cooking, microwaving, and frying. However, the heat process of your blender blades the temperature will never be going to reach the same as your oven while cooking the foods. Additionally, the generated heat from your blender blades will result in some nutrients of your blending smoothies. But that will not make so much difference in nutrients.

Oxidation Process of Fruits and Vegetables

The Oxidation process is the option for losing nutrients from fruits and vegetables during blending. Because of the oxidation process, the air gets sucked into the blender while the blending process, then the nutrients get destroyed from fruits and vegetables. As a result, after blending smoothies or fruit juice, that only contains 10% of nutrients of the fruits and vegetables that you put in the blender. Another thing is the oxidation also happens when you remove the skin of fruits and vegetables. Because this process also allows oxygen to destroy the nutrients.

The best example is when you left a piece of uneaten fruit, that gets turned into brown color. That witness the fruit is losing its nutrients by itself. Moreover, during the blending process, some nutrients may waste because of the air-sucked into the blender. The second thing is the nutrients get also lost when the fruits get remove from the plant. But the main problem happens from oxygen get full access to fruits and vegetables.

How to Minimize the Food Value Less Blending?

Several types of solutions are there to minimize the oxidation when you make delicious smoothies. If you are unable to stop the oxidation, then you have to lose the nutrients from the juice. However, there are some useful tips and tricks which will help you to save most of the nutrients from your smoothies.

The Amount of Time Spent on Blending

There are several kinds of ways to blend the food substances, especially fruits and vegetables when you prepare smoothies or juice. Nonetheless, while blending fruits or vegetables, you need to cut them properly in single pieces. Therefore, you have to spend less time blending fruits and vegetables. Another thing to less time in mixing that will help you to avoid the nutrient loss from the heat, which produced by the blender blades. That is the best way to avoid-nutrient loss while blending fruits and vegetables. The best practice will if you only take 30 to 60 seconds for preparing your smoothies and juice that will reduce nutrients loss. Another thing if your blender needs more than 30 to 60 seconds or spends a long time blending and unable to fulfill your desire results. Then you have to change your blender and invest in a powerful blender, which is specialized for preparing smoothies.

Drink the Smoothies and Juice Straight Away

To reduce the oxidation of the fruits and vegetables from your smoothies and juice, you should try to drink them straight away. Because that is the best time to drink after blending your smoothies. However, if you blend a large number of smoothies at once, then you can keep them into the refrigerator until you can drink. But the essential thing is to limit the storage time to preserve nutrients. Moreover, as long as you store the smoothies into the refrigerator, storage times can lead to nutrients degradation.

Washing the Food Ingredients Carefully

Cleaning the food ingredients before blending is the best way to be safe and keep the nutrients as well. Therefore, you need to avoid soaking the cut or peel of fruits in water. Because if you use the soaking liquid, the essential vitamins B and C will leach out from fruit with water, which will reduce the overall nutritional value of your fruits. This impact also spread in the smoothies while blending. Additionally, to keep the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables first of all wash or clean them with water, and then start the cutting or fruit peeling process. Moreover, if you maintain this method accurately, that will help you to prevent nutrient loss of your fruits.

Why the blending destroys the nutrients from vegetables and fruits?

We can see some effects while blending some food substance in a blender. The juicing machine or a Blender works to break down the food ingredients and gives them to a drinkable structure. In that case, some juicing machine may break down nutrients and zap fiber content instantly from fruits, but that has many things to do with their extraction process and the loss of the fruit. The electric-blenders are a bit different, they also lose some nutrients but consume the whole-food, and the loss is not as severe.

The main problem occurs with exposure to oxygen, which breaks down the nutrients of the food. While blending, the foods the cellular structure creates immediate oxygen exposure, which causes nutrients to diminish and spoilage to begin. The best practice is if you drink your smoothie immediately. You will still get plenty of vitamins. Because as long as your blended concoction sits around in the refrigerator or anywhere, the more nutrients will lose their strength.

Why blending destroy the fibers in vegetables and fruits?

Fibers are the essential elements for our digestive system, and they play a significant role in our blood sugar levels. While blending the fruits and vegetable fiber does not get destroyed from them. Because the fiber is not a single nutrient, they are related compounds with similar functions in the body. However, the classification of fiber is two types, either it’s soluble or insoluble. The fiber is made up of carbohydrate molecules, which are like sugars and starches. Nonetheless, the soluble and insoluble fiber of fruits and vegetables works together to releases sugars as well as slow digestion. The breakdown of fiber means that release the glucose faster in your liver, including a spike in your blood sugar.

The decline of optimum fiber consumption is not a deal-breaker. But consuming a stacked glass of fruits and veggies is better than missing out on all those necessary nutrients.

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