The 6 Best Immersion Blender Reviews – Purchase Your Worthy Blender in 2020

An immersion blender is a kitchen aid blender which used for making smoothies, soups, sauces, and other extracts. An immersion blender is also known as a stick blender, hand blender, wand blender or, Bermixer. The blender has a stick with blades at the end of it. If you have to eat well-balanced nutrition and ditch the sweets, you maybe need a kitchen friend to make your diet food every day without hassle.

An immersion blender can exactly help you by doing your task faultlessly. It is remarkably versatile and, can grind, chop, blend and puree. A hand blender will not take up your entire kitchen counter or cabinet as a regular blender. Moreover, it looks like a magic wand and will make your feeling like a sorcerer in your kitchen or, at least help by doing its task pleasantly. From salad dressings to authentic soups, a hand or immersion blenders are the kitchen tool for a cleaner, healthier, more energetic you.

In this article, we have reviewed the most advanced and best immersion blender for you and about the key features that must consider before buying. By reading this article, you can know about the blenders’ features, programs, warranty, return policy, and what users say after using them. At the last of the reviews, we wrap with a blender buying guide which helps you how to choose the best one.

A quick view of Best Immersion Blenders of 2020

BrandImagePriceUser RatingWarrantyCheck Price
BrevilleBreville immersion blender$$$4.512 MonthsCheck Price
KitchenAidFeatured-KitchenAid 3 Speed Hand Blender$$4.412 MonthsCheck Price
OXA SmartImmersion Blender Reviews$$4.524 MonthsCheck Price
Mueller AustriaMueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender$4.524 MonthsCheck Price
CuisinartCuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender$3.536 MonthsCheck Price

1. Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender

Breville immersion blender

Breville Hand Blender

The Breville Control Grip immersion hand blender satisfactorily purees even stringy soups and can also make smoothies that made with frozen berries into thick and ice, cold mixtures. It comes with a lot of key features and programs to customize your blending experience in the kitchen. This immersion blender of Breville has ergonomically designed. It comes with a rubber handle and a power switch that you press consistently as your grip. Therefore, the operation of this immersion blender is very easy and comfortable and, you can hold it for a long blending time.  The blending arm of this blender does not scatter as it purees.

This blender also extra-large that comes with a 42-ounce blending jug, which has a stick, sharply marked measurements, and a rubber grip to keep it firmly in place during blending. The Breville control grip immersion or stick blender also comes with both a chopper and a whisk attachment with 15 variable speed settings.

If you are searching for a high-quality immersion hand blender with all the whistles and bells, the Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender has made for you. It can simply chop, whip, and emulsify without causing you to break a sweat.

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2. KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender

Featured-KitchenAid 3 Speed Hand Blender

KitchenAid Hand Blender

The KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender is one of the most advanced immersion blenders that comes with various features and programs to cover up everything you need in the kitchen.

The motor power of the KitchenAid 3 Speed Hand Blender is 214 watts that is much better than others similar. This immersion blender attaches to a 3-inch arm with an adjusted blade. The length of this blade indicates that it could not be perfect with significantly broad and deep bowls, but it is still more than sufficient for your typical blending jars. The whole design premise of this immersion blender is convenience and comfort. One of the key features of the blender is that it features a non-slip and soft-grip substance that prevents any stress on your hands.

This blender of KitchenAid comes with BPA-free 3 cups blending jar 2 ½ cup chopper. Both of the blending jars also come with dishwasher safe features. It works exceptionally well with crushing nuts and mixing other small components. This stick blender also comes with a machine washable bag for easy and quick storage when you cannot use it. This powerful immersion hand blender has yet to fail when it comes to making food or baking cakes. You can comfortably apply it to your kitchen.

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3. KOIOS OXA Smart 800 Watts/12 Speed Immersion Hand Blender

Immersion Blender Reviews

KOIOS Hand Blender

If you are searching for a great immersion hand blender, you cannot go beyond with the KOIOS OXA Smart Powerful 4-in-1 hand blender. This stick blender appears with high functionality; from blending to chopping, you will perfectly do it all. Besides, we have also satisfied with the versatility and functionality of this 800 watts/12 speed immersion blender of OXA Smart. You need to neglect other low profile immersion blenders that claim to have so many uses, the Powerful 4-in-1 kept its commitment in the kitchen.

By using this blender machine, you can comfortably chop the vegetables well and blend solid ingredients.  The whisk attachment of the blender is also very convenient. You can use it for baking and whisking. Another key feature of this stick blender is that its 12 variable speed settings with high quality and powerful motor. For those who looking for an immersion hand blender that allows a bit of everything, this powerful 4-in-1 determines a decent option. This hand blender is made of stainless steel; this is the mixer that will not give out on you anytime soon. We think that you can apply this blender machine to your kitchen for a long time.

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4. Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender

Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender

Mueller Austria Hand Blender

Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender is another one of the best immersion blenders accessible in the market. This immersion blender is constructed by using the most advanced technology.  This hand blender of Muller Austria is small but mighty, particularly for the price. By using this blender, you can whip cream, beat eggs, fix peanut butter, puree the fruits and veggie. We have been charmingly impressed by this stick blender.

The motor power of the blender is notable which is 500 watts, and it will perform quite convincingly to your kitchen. It is made of full copper that can perform much better than others similar. Another key point of this blender machine is that it is super easy to use with 9 variable speed settings. The handle of this stick blender is ergonomically designed, and you can control it simply.

Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender comes with a removable blending arm with S-shape stainless steel blade, milk frother, and nice design whisk. You can apply it to any jar and bowl. This blender is also dishwasher safe for easy clean. The Mueller Ultra-Stick can be utilized to make delightful treats like pesto, salsa, pancake, smoothies, homemade sauces, whipped cream, apple butter, soups, cakes, coffee, and so on without any hassle.

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5. Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

Cuisinart Hand Blender

The Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender is one of the best budget blenders available in the market. If you are looking for a hand blender to blend cold drinks, hot soups, salads, and crepe batter, this blender is absolute for you to do your task easily. You can blend your desired ingredients right in the pot, pitcher, or bowl. It is very comfortable to hold, easy to use. The Blending arm and beaker of this stick blender are completely dishwasher safe, therefore, you can also easily clean.

This smart hand blender of Cuisinart comes with a lot of versatile and convenient features and programs. The one-touch on/off button allows you to activate the hand blender at the touch of a button. The handle of this blender machine is ergonomically designed and you can comfortably hold it for a while. The blending attachment of the machine with partially covered by a stainless steel blade that easily snaps into the motor. Another key point of the blender is that it comes with a 2-cup mixing beaker and a well-designed whisk.

Cuisinart smart stick immersion blender with 200 watts’ convenient motor has got a lot of positive review s from the customers over the years. If you are looking for an advanced hand blender to make hummus, salsa, applesauce, and pesto, this smart stick blender is one of the best choices for you.

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6. LINKCheck 4 in 1 Powerful Immersion Hand Blender

LINKChef Immersion Blender

         Image: LINKChef Immersion Blender

The LinkChef HB-1230 is an immersion hand blender. That is a 4-in-one blender, including a 300-watt sturdy motor. This blender can comfortably blend the food substance with low noise. However, all removable materials of this device come with food-grade BPA-free and FDA-approved materials. The powerful motor of this device uses000 rpm pure copper motor, and that gives the high-speed. The best thing about this blender has sturdy titanium coated 4-blades, which gives excellent performances to prepare several kinds of delicious dishes. Because of the handheld design, this device has an ergonomic design with a rubberized handle, which provides a comfortable grip. Another thing is this device also includes a special blade for crushing ice excellently. This device also includes a whisk attachment, and that allows you to mix the ingredients conveniently.

The two containers 500ml and 800ml are excellent, and that simply fits with this stick blender blending arm. Because of the handy design that is a user-friendly device and simple to use. Additionally, this LinkChef HB-1230 is a smart stick immersion blender that you can comfortably up to blend cold drinks, hot soups, and sauces. This compact blender instantly blends and crushes your healthy ingredients. Moreover, this blender works perfectly to creates a perfect texture and consistency of your blended meals and drinks.

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What to Look for in an Immersion Blender Before Buy (Buying Guide 2020)

At present, there are hundreds of electric blender models accessible in the market. Certainly, it is not easy to choose an immersion or hand blender that will engage in your every single need in the kitchen. For this reason, at first, you must do to find a unit that you’d be comfortable with is to recognize which key features to analyze before purchasing.

For advice on what to look for in a good immersion blender, here is our fixed set of criteria which is conducted based on our experiences and user reviews. In the below, we summarize the most important features of an immersion blender that must consider before buy.

Motor Power

The motor is the most essential element of any electric blender. The powerful the wattage, the greater the motor works. Therefore, al first, you need to figure out how strong and powerful your immersion blender needs to be.

It is proved that the power output of about 200 watts can be enough for the basic tasks of blending, whipping, and chopping. Anyway, if you are seeking to get a winner that is fitted to working heavy-duty jobs like grinding seeds or crushing ice, a model of hand blender with a motor that is at least nearly 500 watts guarantee the purchase.


We extremely suggest the modes with blade handles constructed of stainless steel. And of course, being more long-lasting, the blades of a stick blender plays a significant role in preventing the danger of cracking or warping.

Speed Setting

As far as I’m concerned, a good blender should have at least three-speed settings. But in the case of the immersion blender, due to its small size and limited functions, some models only come with two speed options: low and high. There are, of course, some advanced models that provide multi-speed controls, offering a high level of flexibility and consistency.

Though having a wide range of settings is not necessary, from my point of view, various speeds are nice to have. Since it may take a bit of practice to operate it smoothly even though this type of machine is very easy to use, it can be helpful to be able to start slow and progressively increase the speed to avoid spilling or splattering food.

Additional Attachments

Additional attachments are usually available on some of the more expensive models, such as whisks, blades, mixing and chopping cups. These specialist accessories expand the applications of the hand blender and further increase their utility in your kitchen.

Easy to Clean

When it appears as if the most significant aspect of a great hand or stick blender is the power of its motor, the ease of washing it can also be an important determinant. Since it is not a tool just used for a minute or so at a time, a well-designed blade defender that prevents food from getting united and a detachable handle that proceeds for easy cleaning can be a genuine advantage.

And of course, the accessories need to be dishwasher-safe. If it is not, you will have to wash your immersion blender by hand. Apart from making time, you would have to waste more time on the washing process.

Cord or cordless?

While cordless immersion blenders are renowned for apply at the office, in a kitchen without many plugs, or while processing, you will usually pay for that conveniently with less power. Therefore, the choice of an immersion blender between with cord and cordless totally depends on your task. If your task is heavy-duty, then you need to prefer the blender with a cord. Apart from this, you can choose a cordless one.


There are several well-trusted brands of immersion blenders. In the below, we point out some of the best by depending on the customers who have used this type of blender machine.

KitchenAid:  KitchenAid is a reputed brand among the customers over the years. The products they usually seel is quite better than other similar. KitchenAid Hand Blender has yet to fail when it comes to making food.

Cuisinart: Most of the Cuisinart products are designed for heavy-duty utilization. With exceptional design and structure, they appear to perform the cooking rule easier for the users.

Breville: Breville is one of the most popular kitchen aid tools manufacturers on the market at present. They produce affordable kitchen appliances which are highly suggested by many experienced home cooks and professional cooks.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • How do I clean an immersion blender?

You can clean your immersion blender quickly and easily. The most common and easiest ways are to swish it around in hot soapy water for a few seconds.

  • Can an immersion blender crush ice?

Yes, the immersion blender can crush ice. In our personal opinion, it might be better not to crush too many ice cubes at a time as it is not as powerful as a countertop blender.

  • Can I put a stick blender in hot soup?

Definitely, you can put it. Preparing hot soups is pretty much exactly what this blender is designed for. Actually, there is nearly no difficulty in applying it to hot mixtures.

  • Can we make fresh whipped cream with a hand blender?

Yes, you can make fresh whipped cream with your hand blender. You can apply a hand blender to complete these tasks efficiently and quickly rather than utilizing a food processor or stand mixer. You need to combine all components in a container or bowl, then whisk them concurrently on the high speed until soft to stiff peaks form (for nearly 15- 20 seconds)

  • What is an Immersion Blender Used for?

By using an immersion blender, you can easily blend stews, sauces, and soups right in the bowl and very quickly without having to assign back and forth to a food processor or a blender.


Immersion blenders are versatile choices to some of your heavier kitchen apparatuses. When the immersion or hand blender is versatile and easy to use, they are not an impeccable alternative for your heavy-duty kitchen aid countertop blenders. They do properly when handling light to medium recipes, but could not be able to produce the best results when processing considerably massive amounts of components. The most important factor of an immersion blender is whether you continually make large batches of recipes such as soup, or perhaps a couple of liters or even gallons of smoothies.

The advantage of an immersion or stick blender is that you can easily chop, puree, chop, mix, or blend your components right from the container. There is no requirement to divide it into other batches, which is time-consuming, more than doubles the preparation time.

Finally, we highly suggest having an immersion blender of your own if you prefer to make meals in the kitchen regularly. It is a versatile and convenient choice for light food preparation.

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